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Permission To Mortgage

Mortgages are generally used to secure loans by transferring interests in movable property. A lessee under a restricted lease must obtain the permission of the lessor before mortgaging premises, as leasehold rights cannot be transferred or assigned without the lessor’s permission.  The Permission to Mortgage (PTM) is generally required by the Bank or financial institution during or after the Home Loan processing. You can get permission to mortgage Noida at Registry Waala.

Who can Apply?

A lessee can request mortgage approval.  An applicant holding a registered Power of Attorney Deed and attaching an attested copy of it to the application can also apply for mortgage permission on behalf of a lessee by attaching an attested copy of it to the application.

Issuance of mortgage permission from NOIDA/Greater NOIDA/YEIDA requires the following Documents:

Application Process:

Papers received from the Owner/Bank

Document preparation at the Registrywaala office

KYA at Authority

PTM application and Fees submission

Scrutiny of application (Any pendency will be completed by us)

Permission to Mortgage received

What does Registrywaala have to offer you in this regard?

Its in-depth understanding of Legal matters makes Registrywaala one of the most trusted and reputed Legal firms in Noida. This field is one in which we have extensive experience. The majority of our cases are substantial and complex. We provide the best possible solutions by working closely with our talented team of professionals. Clients of our firm are represented in litigation cases before the District Court, High Court, and Supreme Court of the country. We have established a distinguished reputation in the hearts of our clients.

In addition to marriage registration, property registration, rental agreements, and Permission to Mortgage noida we have a successful track record of serving our clients. Your legal situation can be made easier by having someone guide you through the legal process and answer your questions. As part of our mission, we offer our clients first-class professional advice combined with a thorough understanding of the specific areas of each matter they bring to us. It is our mission to deliver justice, excellence, and trusted service, as well as to work systematically and transparently

Our core expertise comes from our team of lawyers and we serve the clients from the beginning to the end of their transaction, making sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Apart from providing accurate property documents to property owners, tenants, and builders, we also assist them in registering these documents at the concerned authorities/departments to save them time and energy.

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